I had the great privilege of being one of Adina’s first mediation trainers in 2003 when the Craiova Mediation Centre was just getting started. My co-trainer and I agreed that Adina has a natural talent for mediation, a wonderful instinct that enables her to engage with disputants and to gently move them forward to resolution. I have seen this same natural talent in her training of new mediators. She understands the process so well that she is able to coach the best out of her students.

Kathleen Patterson, - Attorney and lawyer from Washington DC, ADR attorney for the Federal Emergency Management Agency

Adina is an enthusiastic speaker, passionate and well-informed about mediation. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Bill Marsh, Director - Conflict Management International International Dispute Resolution Centre

Adina is a powerful manager and a very good public speaker. She has strong values and excellent relational skills.

Adrian Lauran, Consultant - Right People Solutions

When attending the mediation training course, I think what mattered the most was Adina’s personality and her way of delivering the training based on her relevant experience accumulated since the beginnings of mediation in Romania. Her approach has passed beyond the formalism of the structure and the thoroughness of the legal components. The human component referring to understanding, communication and guiding the parties during the mediation process was correlated with the understanding of the conflict components and the ways of guiding the negotiations.

Horia Toader, SME Learning, Industrial Relations - Ericsson Romania

I attended the mediation training course of the Association the Mediation Center in Craiova in 2012, having Adina Nica as a trainer. I have one word for describing the course: exceptional! The course had a great content and the trainer created a professional, yet friendly and pleasant atmosphere – which was just perfect for assimilating the ideas and exercises during the course. What I learnt from the course is useful both for mediating parties and in everyday life. I recommend the training courses of Craiova Mediation Center held by Adina Nica not only to those interested in having a career as a mediator, but also to those who wish to develop skills in the mediation art.

Mircea Mazilu, Program Manager - Infineon Technologies Romania

Adina is a competent and dedicated trainer. She had all my attention. I was there 100%.

Irina Cojocaru, Managing Partner - Pro Solutions (Agency)