About the procedure

In order to ensure an optimal legal frame for any discussion, the mediator has to inform the people who are interested in the services about all the aspects related to the mediation procedure and take care of the preliminary arrangements.

At this stage there are meetings with the parties, invitations are sent to the people who are not present and are involved in the conflict; also, the mediator gathers  basic information about the case in order to establish whether it can be mediated or not. The parties are informed about their rights, the role of the mediator, about the mediation process, its costs and the advantages of mediation when compared to other methods of solving conflicts.

This stage ends with completing and signing a mediation contract that stipulates the date and the place of the mediation, the procedure rules and the rights of the parties.

The preliminary arrangements are followed by the mediation process itself.

In the situation where an agreement is reached, the mediation agreement is signed. The mediator makes sure the agreement is according to the parties’ will and that the parties fully understand the details and the ways of implementing the agreement.

Generally, the agreement is written and edited by the mediator, except the situations when the parties decide otherwise.