Monday Evening Forum

Location: Craiova, 5th of June 2014

Organizers: ASDM - The Association for Solving Disputes through Mediation, the Mediation Center in Craiova
Participants: 25 mediators, members of ASDM
Presentation: “Business to Business Mediation”: Mediation techniques used between companies and in the business field; Examples of commercial and business cases solved through mediation

International Congress ”Judicial Mediation”

Location: Aix-en-Provence, 4-7th of July 2012

Organizers: GEMME France, Aix Mediation, CIMJ. Participants: 200 magistrates, mediators and lawyers from 20 countries. Presentation: “Some Aspects Regarding Mediation in Romania”

International Workshop

Project:"The Promotion of Mediation in Cross-Border disputes in Civil Matters”

Project financed by the European Commission through the dedicated program “Civil Justice”  
Location: Cluj, 15-17th of June 2012. Organizer: The Ministry of Justice in Romania, GEMME, the Mediation Council in Romania
Participants: mediators and judges
Presentation: “Law no. 202/2010 for the acceleration of the act of justice and Law no.71/2011 for applying the new Civil Code”, as a representative of GEMME Romania

Conference: “Mediation – a Step to the Future”

Location: Novotel, Bucharest, 14-15th of May 2012

Location: Novotel, Bucharest, 14-15th of May 2012. Organizers: Credentia Foundation and Exim Bank. Participants: 30 bank representatives. Presentation: “Mediation in the banking field”

International Conference: “Justice and Mediation”

Location: Craiova, the 23rd of September 2011

Organizers: GEMME (The European Association of Judges for Mediation), the Ministry of Justice, Craiova Mediation Center.
Participants: 200 national and international mediators, lawyers, magistrates, etc.
Presentation: “Mediation – compulsory or optional?”

National Conference: “Mediation – From Theory to Practice”

Location: Brăila, the 8th of July 2011

Organizers: Brăila Mediation Center
Participants: 100 mediators, judges, lawyers, etc.
Presentation: “Mediation  – Normal Option for Institutions”

Symposium: “Mediation, Negotiation and Arbitration”

Location: Craiova, the 25-26th of June 2010

Organizers: The National Association of the Romanian Bars, Dolj Association Bar
Participants: 150 lawyers, mediators, arbitrators, magistrates and business people
Presentation: “What is mediation?”

Seminar: “The Institution of Mediation in Romanian and European Law”

Location: Courthouse of Sector 3, Courthouse of Sector 5, Bucharest, 16th of April 2010

Organizers: The Association “the Center of the Professional Mediators”, the Mediation Center in Craiova, the Association of the Judges in Romania. Participants: judges from the two courthouses

Conference TRAINING ’08

J.W. Marriott Hotel, Bucharest, 7-9th of October 2008

Workshop: “Mediation. Me and my company against disputes”, 90 minutes presentation

“Mediation – When Disputes become Opportunities”

The Second Congress of the Union of the Mediation Centers in Romania

Rin Grand Hotel, Bucharest, 19-20th of September 2008
Workshop: „Mediation – A Strategic Move for the Business Environment”, 90 minutes 
Participants: 40 mediators and representatives of other professional fields 

Seminar “Mediation – an Alternative Dispute Resolution Method”

Sibiu, 5-6th of June 2007

Organizers: the Ministry of Justice in Romania and the Federal Ministry of Justice in Austria
Participants: 60 judges

Seminar “Mediation – an Alternative Dispute Resolution Method”

Craiova, 15th of March 2007

Organizers: the Ministry of Justice in Romania and the Federal Ministry of Justice in Austria
Participants: 30 judges