Legal aspects regarding the main conflicts in mediation

The Association the Mediation Center in Craiova and Nica Elena Adina as senior trainer organize the advanced techniques course “Legal Aspects Regarding the Main Conflicts in Mediation – Civil, Penal, and Family Cases”. The course is authorized by the Mediation Council (Decision no. 17/ 22nd of February 2014).

Professional points: 20

Duration: 3 days

Cost: 700 lei

Type of course: open

Location: any location in Romania where there is a group of at least 16 trainees

For details and course registration: Phone: 0766.20.20.63 or e-mail:

The course aims at connecting the professional mediators with the legal aspects that are inherent to the mediated conflicts. Thus, the mediators will be able to align the agreement the parties reach in mediation with the format that is necessary to be applied in order for the agreement to be acknowledged and reinforced by the institutions of the state.

The course is structured as to identify the main types of conflicts to be mediated, the terms and the procedures specific to each type of conflict that can influence the dynamic and the final result of the mediation.

After attending this course, the mediators will be able to:

-          Develop abilities of identifying different types of conflicts according to the specific provisions of the Mediation Law no. 192/2006

-          Identify the legislation that applies to penal, civil and family cases and to draw –up documents during the mediation procedure according to the current legislation

-          Identify the risks and the advantages of the mediation procedure when compared to the classical procedure that is governed by the legislation specific to that particular field

-          Anticipate the situations that may influence the reinforcement of the mediation agreements