Workplace Conflict Management

Unsolved conflicts, disputes and stress in the workplace could be destructive and costly. Whether they are hidden or upfront, workplace conflicts have a negative influence on the activity of the company.

This course provides the participants with the techniques and strategies necessary in order to solve complex and exhausting conflicts that are inherent to any company.

We have structured our training course as to respond to the specific needs of the workplace so that it will become a more relaxed and productive work environment. We address it to public or private companies and to non-profit organizations that intend to optimize the work quality of their employees.

The course aims at offering the participants a set of skills and techniques that can be immediately applied in order to solve conflicts.

The learning method is based on direct interaction, role-plays, applied exercises, case studies, etc.




At the end of the course, the participants will be able:

To understand the nature of the dysfunctional conflicts at work. They will recognize the symptoms and the toxic manifestation of the conflict and thus they will understand its causes and its effects.

  1. To transform the destructive conflict into a functional conflict by adopting a collaborative attitude.
  2. To identify different conflict management styles that are applied within companies and to analyze their own style of intervening in conflict.
  3. To be aware of and to develop strategies of overcoming the deadlocks and the barriers in communication in the workplace and to be able to identify the common interests in order to build dialogue.
  4. To build relationships based on positive values that create a productive and stable work environment.
  5. To acquire techniques of communication analyses in conflict in order to be able to intervene efficiently in solving it.

Duration of the course: 2 days

Course type: Open course

Location: any location in Romania

For details and course registration: Phone: 0766.20.20.63 or e-mail: