Business Mediation - Advanced Techniques

The Association the Mediation Center in Craiova and Nica Elena Adina as a senior trainer organize the advanced techniques course “Business Mediation”. The course is authorized by the Mediation Council (Decision no. 86/ 25th of January 2014).

Professional points: 20

Duration: 3 days

Cost: 700 lei

Type of course: open

Location: any location in Romania where there is a group of at least 16 trainees

For details and course registration: Phone: 0766.20.20.63 or e-mail:

There are acid and stressful situations at the workplace every day and these conflictual situations affect both the relationships within the organizations and the business partnerships. The rules and the communication process specific to the business field require the mediator to adapt to certain rigors and work methodologies. The fast pace and the social and economic factors put pressure on companies and justify once again the intervention of the mediator to unblock conflictual situations and to improve the business relationships.

After attending this course, the mediators will be able to:

  • Develop skills to efficiently approach the pre-mediation stage with the representatives of the companies
  • Identify optimum methods of setting up the mediation process.
  • Identify the conflict typology from the business field and methods to efficiently intervene in managing conflicts
  • Elaborate an intervention strategy in business conflicts
  • Identify judicial concepts that are specific to conflicts between professionals
  • Identify the problems and the interests specific to the parties that can be subject to mediation
  • Develop skills in order to use communication methods and techniques specific to the decisional process within the companies
  • Anticipate the situations that can influence the implementation of the mediation agreement in a negative way
  • Develop the ability to coordinate discussions about the actual dimension of the liabilities mutually agreed upon by the companies