I am a mediator, a lawyer, and also an expertin the mediation field and a trainer.

As a lawyer I have offered legal advice and I have represented my clients in court in civil, administrative and commercial cases since 2000.

I have been a mediator since 2003, being trained by American trainers within the Pilot Mediation Center in Craiova, a project initiated by the USA State Department together with the Ministry of Justice, Dolj Bar Association and the Craiova First Instance Court. I have mediated penal cases referred from court, but also civil, commercial and family cases.

Within the same pilot project, I was trained as a trainer in 2005, then as an evaluator and an examiner. Together with the USA experts in this project, I trained over 220 lawyers from all around the country. Ever since the Mediation Law was issued in 2006, I have trained over 800 mediators within the Mediation Center in Craiova.

I have had a great impact on the development of the mediator profession in Romania, being a member of the first Mediation Council in Romania, the institution that coordinates the mediation activity on a national level. I was part of the team that elaborated the training standards, the ethic code, the internal regulation of the Mediation Council, the regulations regarding the authorization of the training centers, etc. and I continued this activity as an alternate counselor for the second Mediation Council.

As a manager of the Publications and Mediation Promotion Projects Department within the Mediation Center in Craiova I have initiated and coordinated various mediation promotion projects in cooperation with the USA Embassy in Romania, the Ministry of Justice, First Instance Court in Craiova, the Appeal Court in Craiova, the Police Inspectorate of Dolj County, the High Security Penitentiary and other student organizations, schools, non-profit organizations, etc.

Within this department, I have coordinated the editorial activity of Craiova Mediation Center, being also the project manager and the editor in chief of the Romanian Mediation Magazine, project that was financed by the USA State Department through the Embassy in Romania.

I was a speaker at numerous national and international events, in conferences organized by the Ministry of Justice in Romania, the Federal Ministry of Justice in Austria, the Court of Appeal in Bucharest, the National Bar Association in Romania, the Mediation Council in Romania, the Judged Association in Romania, GEMME (The European Association of Judges for Mediation), Dolj Bar Association and the Craiova Territorial Centre of the National Institute for the Training and Perfecting of Lawyers, etc.

I was part of the organization team of numerous conferences and international congresses organized by the Mediation Center in Craiova, the Ministry of Justice in Romania and the Union of the Mediation Centers in Romania and also GEMME (The European Association of Judges for Mediation).

I was also part of the teams from the Mediation Center in Craiova that conducted two studies within two European projects regarding the costs of the conflict in the European Union and the conflicts between companies.

I have written articles on mediation for the International Judicial Monitor, the Romanian Mediation Magazine and I was interviewed by a national journal (Adevărul) on the mediation subject.

I speak French and English very well.